Jun 13, 2003

HealthStream Announces Release of the HealthStream Authoring Center

HealthStream Announces Release of the HealthStream Authoring Center

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 13, 2003 Partnering with Macromedia, new authoring solution is introduced to the nation's hospitals exclusively through HealthStream's Internet-based learning platform

HealthStream, Inc. (NASDAQ/NM:HSTM), a leading provider of learning solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the release of the HealthStream Authoring Center™, an authoring solution that enables healthcare professionals with no technology expertise to self-publish online courses for their organizations. HealthStream is partnering with Macromedia to deliver Macromedia Contribute software technology to healthcare organizations as part of an integrated solution available exclusively through HealthStream's Internet-based learning platform. With the Authoring Center now available, healthcare professionals who currently subscribe to HealthStream's platform are empowered to publish online courses in minutes--with no HTML training or experience required.

Since its marketing launch at HealthStream's customer summit held eight weeks ago, 44 healthcare organizations have already contracted to receive the Authoring Center. Their customer reviews of HealthStream's Authoring Center have been overwhelmingly favorable. Participating in HealthStream's pilot program for this service, Doug Smith, e-Learning Specialist at St. Thomas Hospital, commented, "HealthStream's Authoring Center stands out as one of the best tools of its kind that I have tested, primarily because it is very intuitive and user friendly. Online courses can be easily developed without any knowledge of HTML, while at the same time, the Authoring Center is sufficiently powerful to import advanced software applications to produce special effects in course design."

Key features of HealthStream's Authoring Center include:
  • With a simple drag and drop interface, content from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can be built into a course.
  • No need to know HTML: No special training of any type is needed to use the Authoring Center.
  • A variety of assessment object types are provided to develop effective tests, including true/false, multiple-choice, match items, essay templates, etc.
  • Ready-made graphics, objects, and course templates are available to enhance instructional design.
  • Streamlined updating of courses: Changes can be quickly and easily made--without technical assistance.
  • Reporting and tracking students' course completions are fully integrated into HealthStream's learning platform.
  • Courses developed through the Authoring Center are seamlessly integrated into students' overall assigned program of training.
  • Distribution convenience: Hospital networks can quickly deliver custom courses to all of their healthcare facilities, improving the efficiency of internal communications.

One of the unique features delivered in the Authoring Center is a learning community that is provided through an online courseware exchange. Healthcare organizations using the Authoring Center may choose to collaborate with other organizations, posting courses to share with others or soliciting feedback and suggestions for improved training effectiveness.

While the benefits of Internet-based training are well known, adding the capability of easily creating courses broadens the utility of online learning in hospitals. As reported by HealthStream's customers, some of the courses that hospitals plan to develop using the Authoring Center include expense reporting within healthcare organizations, new organizational policies, orientation for newly hired nurses, fire safety guidelines, leadership skill building, and intranet training.

"The addition of HealthStream's Authoring Center to our Internet-based learning platform significantly expands instructional possibilities for subscribers, adding value to their decision to join the ranks of other healthcare organizations who comprise HealthStream's learning network," said Michael Pote, senior vice president, HealthStream. "We believe that our authoring solution is the best on the market for hospitals, and we are proud to offer it to our customers."

HealthStream's decision to partner with Macromedia was based on their industry-leading standard for innovation, coupled with their exceptional track record for reliability and rich multimedia software design. Working with Macromedia, HealthStream has integrated "best of class" Macromedia Contribute software into its authoring solution for the healthcare industry, and will promote the solution based on its leading role in providing training and education to healthcare organizations.


The HealthStream Authoring Center™ is available now, and has already been selected by 44 of HealthStream's healthcare organization customers that, collectively, will be implemented across 82 healthcare facilities. This service is provided through subscriptions sold to healthcare organizations on a "per person, per year" basis in conjunction with HealthStream's Internet-based learning platform. To learn more about the HealthStream Authoring Center, go to www.healthstream.com/authoring.

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HealthStream (NASDAQ:HSTM) is a leading provider of learning solutions for the healthcare industry. Over 650,000 healthcare professionals currently subscribe to the Internet-based Healthcare Learning Center™, HealthStream's learning platform. The Company's learning products and services are used by healthcare organizations to meet the full range of their training needs, while, concurrently, supporting business objectives. Once subscribed to the Healthcare Learning Center™, customers benefit from increased compliance, reduced risks, and improved learning effectiveness. In addition, HealthStream has pioneered a new collaboration with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to assist them in product launch and market education initiatives within the Company's nationwide network of hospital customers. Nine of the top ten medical device companies and eight of the top ten pharmaceutical companies are among the organizations in HealthStream's growing customer base. (www.healthstream.com)

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