Robert A. Frist Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Robert A. Frist, Jr.,
Robert A. Frist, Jr., co-founder, has served as chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors since 1990. He is a co-founder of Nashville's Entrepreneur Center. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in business from Trinity University. Under his leadership, Mr. Frist has positioned HealthStream as a leading provider of workforce development, talent management, and provider solutions for the healthcare industry. He has led the development of product innovations that is transforming the way healthcare organizations train, assess, and develop their human capital.
J. Edward Pearson
President & Chief Operating Officer

J. Edward Pearson has served on the executive team since he joined HealthStream in June 2006. He was named chief operating officer in August 2011 and president in May 2018. Mr. Pearson is responsible for day-to-day operations throughout HealthStream—with executive oversight of the Company's product management, sales, and marketing departments. Prior to his current position, he served as president and chief executive officer of DigiScript, Inc. Mr. Pearson's tenure in e-healthcare also includes serving as CFO and executive vice president of Inforum, Inc., CFO of HIE, Inc., CEO of, and CTO and, subsequently, CEO of Medibuy. Starting his career with a Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University, Mr. Pearson first worked at William Puryear & Company, a public accounting firm, as a CPA.

Scott A. Roberts
Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President, Accounting and Finance
Scotty Roberts
Scott A. Roberts joined HealthStream in 2002 and served in various roles within the Finance and Accounting Department until January 2015, when he was promoted to Vice President, Accounting and Finance. In February 2019, he was appointed as Interim Chief Financial Officer and in September 2019, he was named Chief Financial Officer. In his role at HealthStream, Mr. Roberts provides executive leadership for accounting and financial operations. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from Middle Tennessee State University.
Michael Collier
Senior Vice President, Business Development & General Counsel

Michael M. Collier joined HealthStream in 2011 as Vice President & General Counsel, and was named Senior Vice President, Business Development & General Counsel in August 2017. Mr. Collier provides expertise on in-house legal, governance, and compliance matters. At Healthstream, Mr. Collier successfully sources, negotiates, closes, and integrates acquisitions and strategic partnerships. He provides enterprise-wide legal and business counsel, as well as serves as the senior executive of human resources. Mr. Collier is responsible for HealthStream’s compliance with the SEC, and he also serves as HealthStream’s Chief Compliance Officer, where he administers the corporate governance program and acts as the primary liaison to HealthStream’s board of directors. Prior to coming to HealthStream, Mr. Collier served as a corporate & securities attorney at Bass, Berry & Sims. Mr. Collier holds a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, and M.A. and B.A. degrees from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. 

Trisha L. Coady
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Workforce Development Solutions
Trisha L. Coady
Trisha L. Coady joined HealthStream in 2013 and is currently serving as Senior Vice President & General Manager, Workforce Development Solutions. Ms. Coady is responsible for the Company’s full suite of workforce development solutions, which includes clinical, resuscitation, compliance, and revenue cycle solutions—as well as those for the continuum of care.  As a nurse, healthcare entrepreneur, and nationally recognized thought leader on professional development for clinicians and other healthcare professionals, her expertise helps guide HealthStream’s strategy for the full range of its workforce solutions. Prior to coming to HealthStream, Ms. Coady was the healthcare Practice Manager at Bluedrop Performance Learning; founder and President of Medsenses and the Nurses Network; and a registered nurse at several healthcare organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Moncton.
Jeffrey Cunningham
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Jeffrey Cunningham joined us as senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) in July 2017. Mr. Cunningham is responsible for leading all aspects of platform and product development for HealthStream. In Mr. Cunningham’s 20+ years of experience in healthcare technology, he has led the design, development, and delivery of several large-scale solutions with an emphasis on advanced service-based architectures, big-data analytics, and ecosystem-wide interoperability. Prior to joining HealthStream, Mr. Cunningham was a founder, CTO and Chief Strategy Officer for Informatics Corporation of America (ICA), CTO for Medibuy/GHX, and a Partner in Computer Sciences Corporation’s (CSC) eBusiness consulting practice. Mr. Cunningham has also served on several boards and industry initiatives focused on the advancement of healthcare technology. Mr. Cunningham earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of North Texas.

Michael J. Sousa
Senior Vice President & President, VerityStream
Michael J. Sousa joined HealthStream in October 2004 and is currently serving as President, VerityStream. Our provider solutions are offered through our business segment that is branded in the marketplace as “VerityStream.” Mr. Sousa provides executive leadership for this segment, directing our VerityStream teams to build, sell, and service our credentialing, enrollment, privileging, onboarding, and performance evaluation solution for providers. Prior to HealthStream, Michael spent nearly ten years at IBM (and predecessor companies), concluding his tenure as an Associate Partner on the IBM Healthcare Leadership Team. Mr. Sousa earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College's Carroll School of Management and a Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University's School of Management.
Scott McQuigg
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Workforce Scheduling Solutions
Scott McQuigg
Scott McQuigg joined HealthStream in 2019 and is currently serving as Senior Vice President & General Manager, Workforce Scheduling Solutions. Mr. McQuigg is responsible for the Company’s nurse and staff scheduling solution group. His career began as market President and Publisher of the Nashville Business Journal. Later, he co-founded HealthLeaders, a leading media, publishing, and research business focused on the business of healthcare. GoNoodle’s interactive videos promote physical activity, active learning, and enhanced focus for kids, and are available online, and via mobile and connected TV apps. The transformational kids’ media and tech platform went viral as GoNoodle is now played by 14 million+ kids each month.
Kevin O’Hara
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Platform Solutions
Kevin O’Hara joined HealthStream in 2021 and is currently serving as Senior Vice President & General Manager, Platform Solutions. Mr. O’Hara is responsible for the growth, development, and integration of the hStream platform throughout the Company. Prior to his current role at HealthStream, he began his career as an attorney at Bass, Berry, & Sims and later worked in senior leadership roles at HealthStream from 2001 to 2011. Mr. O’Hara was then Chief Executive Officer at Syus, a healthcare IT company, for decade before re-joining HealthStream. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy from Vanderbilt University and holds a J.D. from the Vanderbilt University School of Law. 
Scott Fenstermacher
Senior Vice President, Sales
Scott Fenstermacher joined HealthStream in 2012 and was named Senior Vice President, Sales in January 2021. Mr. Fenstermacher is responsible for providing executive oversight of HealthStream’s sales force, including its leadership. Prior to HealthStream, Mr. Fenstermacher served as Director, Business Development & Licensing at Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a major division of Wolters Kluwer Health. Mr. Fenstermacher holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Business, both from the University of Pittsburgh. 

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