Jun 5, 2019

Community Health Systems Selects American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ Program in Enterprise-wide Agreement with HealthStream

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 5, 2019-- HealthStream (NASDAQ: HSTM) announced today that CHSPSC, LLC (CHS), an affiliate of Community Health Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CYH), one of the nation’s leading operators of general acute care hospitals, has entered into a seven-year agreement with HealthStream to utilize the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program, enterprise-wide, for resuscitation skills training and certification, which will be provided through HealthStream’s workforce platform. Concurrently, CHS has joined HealthStream as the founding partner in the HealthStream Resuscitation Innovation Lab to advance knowledge and innovations in resuscitation science for the benefit of the healthcare industry at-large.

“When HealthStream first offered a self-certification model of resuscitation training, CHS was one of the first organizations to adopt and benefit from the program,” said Lynn T. Simon, M.D., President of Clinical Operations and Chief Medical Officer of Community Health Systems. “Now it is exciting to switch to HealthStream’s newest offering, the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program, which we believe offers exceptional adaptive learning methodology and newer manikin technology with more effective visual feedback.”

Deployment of the new Red Cross program will begin later this year at CHS affiliated hospitals, with full utilization across the enterprise occurring by the end of 2020.

CHS’s decision to adopt the Red Cross program is a testament to the company’s strong commitment to improve patient outcomes. The program is based on the latest science, includes robust competency-based resuscitation curricula, and offers flexibility to healthcare organizations with innovative new capabilities. The Red Cross certificate affirming competency of resuscitation knowledge and skills is earned after a skills check, which will be achieved by healthcare professionals through the use of the hStream-certified, award-winning manikins, Brayden Pro™, from Innosonian America. The Red Cross program (www.redcross.org/healthcare) is designed with an open framework with regard to manikins where any hStream-certified manikin can be used, which provides further flexibility to organizations like CHS.

Methodologies prior to the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program deliver the same curriculum to every “student,” understandably frustrating those starting with more advanced skill levels—including many physicians—who are forced to train and certify along a “least common denominator” approach to learning. “Within the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program, each of the three curriculums, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support, incorporates an adaptive learning approach with pre-assessments, facilitating more impactful, personalized learning plans with targeted competency development,” said David Markenson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of American Red Cross Training Services. “This approach saves time, increases learning effectiveness and engages all participants in the program.”

“We believe our clinical staff, including our physicians, will appreciate the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program’s adaptive learning features,” said Dr. Simon. “Being able to initially identify opportunities to advance learning and skills by targeting gaps is a very attractive feature of this program—as it reinforces learning where it is needed most.”

In addition to adapting training to the individual’s competency level to maximize learning effectiveness, being able to set the frequency of skills training is also crucial. Studies show that frequent practice of resuscitation skills sustains optimal performance. Unlike other resuscitation training programs on the market, the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program comes with an “Interval” capability whereby hospital training staff can adjust the frequency of required skills training to any level they like—for any individual or group of individuals—as many times as they like. CHS is provided with Interval as a standard capability that empowers their training staff to customize their resuscitation training schedule to optimize its impact.

“The flexibility that comes with this new program allows us to target both the level of skills training needed and the frequency of practice required for healthcare staff in over 100 hospitals across the nation,” said Dr. Simon. "It’s great to be on the cutting edge with HealthStream regarding the newest manikin technologies and to deploy technology and learning systems that can make significant improvements in patient care. At the end of the day, better training increases the odds of better outcomes for patients—and we are always committed to efforts that can improve safety, quality, and patient care.”

CHS’s new partnership role in the HealthStream Resuscitation Innovation Lab includes serving as a member of the Red Cross Innovation Council and collaborating with HealthStream to conduct and report research on process adoption and outcomes related to the Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ program.

“Through these initiatives, CHS will continue to play a leading role in advancing science that is focused on improving patient outcomes,” said Wayne T. Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of Community Health Systems. “As the founding partner of the HealthStream Resuscitation Innovation Lab, we are excited to have early access to advances in this evolving platform and look forward to contributing to solutions that can have a lasting impact on the quality of care delivery.”

“Many healthcare organizations have turned to HealthStream for a resuscitation training solution over the last decade,” said Robert A. Frist, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, HealthStream. “At this time, we are delighted to now bring quality-focused, progressive health systems—like CHS—a solution with the Red Cross that is the most advanced, most adaptive, most flexible, and most innovative program on the market. I believe CHS shares our belief that the quality of healthcare is driven by the people who deliver it—and, therefore, it is great to see their enthusiasm to provide their staff with the best possible resuscitation competency development program.”

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