Sep 26, 2001

EPEAT/HCPro and HealthStream Partner to Offer HIPAA Curriculum

EPEAT/HCPro and HealthStream Partner to Offer HIPAA CurriculumMARBLEHEAD, Mass.--(BW HealthWire)--Sept. 26, 2001--HCPro, the leading provider of compliance, regulatory, and management information to healthcare professionals, announced today a new strategic partnership with HealthStream (NASDAQ:HSTM), a leading provider of e-learning solutions for the healthcare industry. Under the partnership agreement, HealthStream will offer HCPro's HCProfessor ( online courses on HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and additional courseware on corporate compliance and pain management, leveraging the power of its extensive e-learning customer base of healthcare institutions and professionals.

Signed into law on August 21, 1996, HIPAA represents a steep learning curve for all hospital employees in order to understand their responsibility in protecting patient information. The Act is a regulatory mandate that requires all hospital employees to understand the specifications of this new regulation. "For HealthStream, the addition of HCPro's cutting-edge HIPAA training curriculum further enhances our ability to offer e-learning solutions to our 1200+ hospital customer base," said Michael Pote, senior vice president, HealthStream.

HCPro also plans to license additional courseware on corporate compliance and pain management to HealthStream. The new online courses, along with the HIPAA training curriculum, will be available to HealthStream's national network of healthcare organizations using its ASP-based Healthcare Learning Center™ and its installed learning management system.

"This new partnership with HealthStream will allow HCPro to expand our markets, and allow us to offer quality, premium online content to a large number of healthcare professionals that need this information to do their jobs effectively," said Bruce Guzowski, HCPro president and chief executive officer.

About HCPro Corp.

HCPro is the leading provider of information on compliance, regulation and management issues faced by hospitals, home health organizations, nursing homes, physicians' offices and other healthcare facilities. Established in 1986, HCPro is the parent Company of Opus Communications and The Greeley Company. Opus Communications is the publisher of 30 periodical newsletters and over 70 books for the healthcare industry. The Greeley Company is a healthcare consulting and educational firm specializing in credentialing, accreditation and compliance. In addition, HCPro utilizes content-rich vertical niche Web sites along with related free e-mail newsletters to create specialized communities for healthcare professionals. HCPro is headquartered at 200 Hoods Lane in Marblehead, Massachusetts. For more information on HCPro's comprehensive healthcare resources, call 781/639-1872; e-mail can be directed to Additional information can be found at

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HealthStream, Inc., based in Nashville, Tennessee, with offices in Denver and Raleigh, is a leading provider of e-learning solutions for the healthcare industry.

Healthcare organizations use HealthStream's e-learning solutions to improve learning, increase compliance, and enhance organizational effectiveness for nurses, technicians, staff workers, physicians, and all clinical and non-clinical healthcare employees throughout the enterprise. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies use HealthStream's e-learning solutions to launch educational programs and reach healthcare professionals. Content providers use HealthStream's e-learning solutions to expand the reach of their programs worldwide. Healthcare portals for professionals use HealthStream's e-learning solutions to provide an instant, co-branded e-learning Web site for their users. HealthStream can be visited on the Web at

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